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Although I haven’t travelled so far yet, I wanna share with you my travel experiences, hotel recommendations and places to visit within Europe.  Life is to explore and follow our dreams. What are your dreams? Where would you like to travel? Do you have any preferable destinations? Let’s find out, which places are great to visit…


Madrid, the main capital of spain and the third biggest city in Europe next to London and Berlin with over 3.5 million inhabitants.


One of the most visited places of Spain. Barcelona offers a wide range of culture, old historical, modern architectural buildings and off course world-class dining places and spanish bars.


One of the most impressive beach sites along the south coast of Portugal. A great holiday destination for sun-lovers and family.


Love, History and plenty of World’s most famous places to explore. See the most important icons of Paris and find the best offers for your trip.


You are looking for a romantic and cultural trip for some days? Enjoy Sevilla and its historical, old traditional places, beautiful parks and many cheap spanish bars with good food.


Enter into a cultural and traditional life of Andalusia. Discover one of the oldest landmarks in Spain and enjoy the unique charm of this city.


A unique city of urban transformation and important landmarks and historic places. Discover the Basque culture and its delicious cuisine.



We literally live in the Paradise. Having the chance of choosing our dream destination and see new Places around the Globe. Discover the Must-See Places on the Maldives. Enter in the world of the most exotic fruits and plants, white beaches, best cocktails…

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