Delicious Poppy Seed Cream Cake

Hellooo out there... and a happy second october week allĀ  !!! The temperature in the last 7 days cooled down so much, that I really started to love beeing in my new Kitchen and prepare some new, warm recipes for the stay at home moments. Just recently I had to move to...

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Light Chocolate Apple Cake

Are you looking for a quick and ''no egg'' variant? This morning I decided to make this light chocolate cake with apples topped. While I had a sick Kid laying in bed, and I know he loves cakes, but I had neither cake no milk at my house I played around with some other...

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Forever Choco Protein Pancakes

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter - forever living - I can call myself an absolute pancake lover. For sure I can eat them all day, but off course we want to change a little bit our breakfast. The funny thing with pancakes is, that you can do almost everything...

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Sweet Spinach Banana Bread

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter - with blueberry Did you every made a Banana Bread with spinach and blueberries? The blueberries add the sweet taste to this fluffy bread. No added sugar, as the banana's already gave a super sweet taste to it. Combined with the...

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Delicious Choc Drop Pancakes

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter Pancakes Do you have a setted day for pancakes? Is maybe everyday for you a pancakeday? Sometimes during the week I'm missing out the time to bake pancakes, although they are so super delicious, if there would be more time, for...

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Spinach Omelette Calzone

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter Since the first time I made the spinache omelette, I like to combine and try out different variations. Many of us like the typical Tomato-Mozarella for breakfast, so why not combine it with a warm and tasty omelette and some...

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Banana Mango Nicecrem

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter Do you sometimes look for many ingredients to create a nice and tasty bowl? Delicious and fruity breakfast bowl do not necessarily need many things. This recipe basically needs 3 ingredients, that you can vary after your taste....

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Smooth Avocado Bowl

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter If we talk about Avocadoe's we mostly think about avocado on toast or guacamole (the spanish avocadoe cream, which by the way is super delicious). But when you are a big fan of smooth and sweet breakfasts, then you maybe will...

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