Delicious Detox – Healthy & Delicious Juice Recipe

Do you sometimes feel tired or without energy at all? If I have days like this, it’s time for an energy booster and to get the body up with some tasty and fresh juices.   Try out this recipe, its made up with some ginger, which is a great ingredient for our body. You...

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Sweet Mango Ginger Bowle

What is it, that you miss mosly in the wintertime? Maybe the sun, the swimming pools or the super delicious and fruity pool bowles?   There’s no excuse. This super sweet and delicious bowle is a perfect powerdrink for the cold months. I love to drink it when its still...

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Oh hey there !

My name is Julia. I’m glad you stopped by my Blog where you will find recipes, infos about healthy living & nutrition and travel experience. Read more

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