HEALTH:  natural aloe vera products do its best


Since I came across natural Aloe Vera products, not just my overall wellbeeing, but also my skin, nail and hair health has changed positively. Controlling  the own weight, can be quiet challenging. See which natural products conquer the world right now….

TRAVEL:  travelling alone improves your self-confidence


Have you ever travelled alone, or have you ever talked to people who travelled themselves around the globe? Find out why travelling alone is so important for us and discover the positive affects on us…

HEALTH:  5 important facts about right water consume


Apart from all the important nutrition that our body needs, the most important fact is to fill our body with enough liquid for a healthy digestion system and more. See more benefits about the right consume of Water here…

welcome:  why i decided to become a blogger

Hello & Welcome to my first official Blog about Lifestyle, Nutrition, Travelling and basically a little bit of everything what I love. I want to invite you to follow me and in my personal life habits, experiences and changings that we all do in our Lifes. There’s nothing better in this Life, than to share and connect to beautiful people around the globe….

Welcome to Bemismile !

I’m Julia. With my Blog Bemismile I want to share unique Moments and Articles with You about a healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition, Recipes, Travel recommendations and the latest Design trends.

Will be grateful for any comment about your opinions.

Lots of Love



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