Delicious Poppy Seed Cream Cake

Hellooo out there... and a happy second october week all  !!! The temperature in the last 7 days cooled down so much, that I really started to love beeing in my new Kitchen and prepare some new, warm recipes for the stay at home moments. Just recently I had to move to...

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Wholegrain Vanilla Cheesecake

Wholegrain Vanilla Cheesecake Hello friends! I hope you had a great Weekend... after a long time decided to go for a delicious cake version with some more healthy ingredients I could find at my home. As usually for the cheesecake cream so called *magerquark* or low...

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Super Delicious Lemon Cake with Icing on Top

Ok, so lets be honest...... Who of you don't like one piece of a super tasty lemon cake, maybe combined with a cup of Milk, on a rainy Sunday? Once is defenetly sure,  Lemons are never missing in my kitchen. And when I don't use them for lemonade, then you can find...

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Sweet Banana Oat Morning Cookies

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter - sweet cookies - There's nothing better than fresh and soft cookies in the morning. Apart from the super sweet banana flavour, these delicious snacks are also super healthy. We love to round them up with a cup of smooth peanut...

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Juicy Lemon Zucchini Cake

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter Juicy Lemon Piece Have you ever tried Lemon Cake? I'm sure, you did So. At least in my home country Germany, lemon cake is such a kind of ''traditional'', I can say. But as I remember well, it was always this kind of super dry...

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Fluffy Cinnamon Apple Muffi Cake Recipe

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter Fluffy Muffi Cake While it was a rainy saturday morning, and I was thinking about an easy aswell also healthy snack for the afternoon coffee, I decided to bake a cake with cinnamon this time. In addition to make it even more...

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The fast way of delicious Muffins

pinteresttumblrinstagramfacebooktwitter I'm sure that muffins are a worldwide loved food choice. No matter if you're vegan, vegetarian or just a simple enjoyer of food and sweet snacks. Muffins can be prepared in any way, that you will love and relish them! These days...

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For all the Choclate Lovers

Chocolate Bowl You are also a big chocolate fan? I'm sure, when you love Nutella that much, you will enjoy this bowl. The sweet breakfast in the morning will energize and keep you fullfilled for a long time, which is great to keep the weight and meals regulated and...

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