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A city with historical and cultural flair

Sevilla, a beautiful city in the south-west site of Spain. An absolute recommended place for little weekend holidays. It is of the most visited places, traditional food & flamenco culture bring this city alive. You can find many boutique hotels, modern hotels up to new hostals with super prices and qualitative service.

Sevilla makes your trip perfect, a combination of old historical places, beautiful parks where you can spend the entire days, lots of cheap spanish bars offering traditional spanish dishes and many more. There is an airport near to Sevilla, which makes it even easier for any transfer to the City and Hotels.






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” Don’t listen, what others think about your dreams of travelling and exploring the world, don’t wait for somebody to travel with you. It’s your own life, your own happiness and your time to choose what you want to see in Your Life.”

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must see places

metropol parasol

Whenever you visit Sevilla, don’t miss out to visit one of the most beautiest, architectural wooden structure. Incredible panoramic views from the 28m high winding walkway will let you speechless. This parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world. Super elegant arched bridges, tiled church domes, the gargantuan cathedral and the Expo 92 site from its lofty heights; there is also a cafeteria with incredible views.

baño árabe

The antique hamman (arabic bath) from the XVI century and was raised by a Viceroy of the Indies, a magnifique restauration for special moments. If you have enough time, take this place onto your to-do list. You can find this arabic brath across the Calle Aire, a beautiful old historic street which will lead you to a patio and the entrance of the Hamman. Relax in an exotic atmosphere, between perfect condition of lights and aromas. An authentic place and wellness for you and your soul.

real maestranza

One of the finest and largest bullrings in Spain, with over 14,000 seating for spectators. The bull ring was built in 1761, an emblematic landmark of Seville and its famous tradition of bullfighting. It was designed in Baroque Style. The bullring has an oval shape, which is unique among Spanish bullrings. Within the tour you will enter into the museum, an exhibition of collection, traditional costumes, photographs, and paintings related to the dramatic art of bullfighting.

plaza de españa

Defenetly one of the beautiest places in Sevilla. The enormous 50.000 square meter ”Plaza” is one of the most impressive landmarks. Surrounded by old historic balconies of a Renaissance Neo-Moorish. A monumental fountain is the centerpiece of this square, and a peaceful canal crossed by four footbridges. You can rent a rowboat for the afternoon to experience the “Venice of Seville” or enjoy a romantic horse carriage ride through the park.

real alcázar

Another must-see place. The palace called ‘real alcazar’ was build in the 10th century. Visitors enter the palace through the Puerta Principal which leads to the Patio de las Doncellas. Be sure to have plenty of time to explore this beautiful gardens. Amazing manicured grounds filled with leafy palms, sweet orange trees, and colorful roses. A traditional Andalusian style, courtyards, decorative pools, and refreshing fountains are the centerpieces of the landscaping.

romantic weekend

Get a little inspiration of Sevilla in just two minutes, and see the most visited places this beautiful city is offering.

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