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the city of love

world’s most famous icon, the eiffel tower

Have you ever travelled to Paris, or just thought about it? If not, it’s time to plan a little trip to the city of Love. Off course its not just a relationship thing, you also will enjoy this place with family and friends! Paris has so many things to explore. Beginning of course with the icon of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, especially with its light flashes by night!

But also the Champs Elysee, the Museum Louvre and the small parisian streets will make you feel, as in a magic world. One night I went to the Moulin Rouge show, which was fascinating! Never had seen such an amazing cabaret, combined with a dinner. You will find my recommended places for Paris below.






the reason to travel

” Don’t listen, what others think about your dreams of travelling and exploring the world, don’t wait for somebody to travel with you. It’s your own life, your own happiness and your time to choose what you want to see in Your Life.”

must see places

eiffel tower

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Every year million of people from around the globe come to Paris to see and enjoy this unique icon. I already have been there 4 times, and I would go back many more! The best thing ever is to go up either walking to the first floor, or by elevator all the way up to the top. These panoramic views over whole Paris will stay in your mind! But careful, I recommend to get your entrances online, otherwise you can stay for more than an hour in the line. Especially during the night time, every hour thousands of flickering light bulbs make the Eiffel Tower sparkle, a must see!

notre dame

Another important and most visited icon in Paris, almost 13 million of visitors per year. This gothic cathedral is located along the River Seine. I recommend to visit the Notre Dame aswell from the inside, its architectural details are just breathtaking. You can go to the top and enjoy amazing views over Paris, this is actually one of the most popular activity. As in most of the attractions, I recommend you to get the tickets online, as you can save alot of time waiting in long lines. The best time to get there is early in the morning, or late in the evening. Defenetly a high recommendation to visit!

sacré coeur

Looking like a white castle more than a basilica. The Sacré-Coeur is a Roman-Byzantine masterpiece and easily recognized by its ornate ivory domes. The interior ceilings of this basilica glitter with France’s largest mosaic, which depicts Jesus, rising alongside the Virgin Mary and Joan of Arc. A breathtaking place to experience and especially the panoramic view from the top of the basilica outdoor staircase. But here I recommend you aswell as to all other famous places you want to visit, get your entrances online, otherwise you will have long lines, that can take 2 hours.


Another great an important place to  visit during a stay in Paris. Louvre is one of the best art museums in the world. It opened in 1793 and features about 35,000 works of art. You will discover the ancient time from egyptian mummy tombs up to ancient grecian sculptures. Through this amazing collection the Louvre has become to the world’s most visited museum. The gallery space is covering over 650,000 square feet, which is almost impossible in just one day. Get your entrances online and early enough to save waiting time, and watch out for gallery maps before, so you can see  which artworks you may want to discover first.

disneyland paris

One of the most visited attractions by millions of visitors from around the world each year. Magic attractions, shows and parades open all year round, for a great time in Disneyland Paris. I recommend you to go in the months march-may, between Tuesdays and Thursdays, as usually the number of visitors is fairly lower. The waiting times are defenetly shorter, as during the summer time, and especially holidays! When you travel there with Kids, its recommended to stay for a weekend, as there a more scheduled shows and events, and its much cheeper.

moulin rouge

The most famous cabaret in the world since 1889. Whenever you have a trip to Paris with your Love, don’t miss out this magnificant place. Enjoy a romantic, gourmet French dinner in a red velvet and belle époque style decorated interior space, and an amazing show. A group of around 50 artists from all over the world have prepared breathtaking acts: feathers, rhinestones, sequins, sparkling decor, acrobats, original music, international attractions and more. Get your tickets and right clothing prepared for a magical and unforgettable moment ”Féerie”.

romantic moments

Get a little inspiration of Paris in just two minutes, and see the most visited places this city is offering.
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