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The first time I travelled to Portgual’s south coast was  in Summer 2016. Although I’m living near to the beach, travelling somewhere else is a complete different feeling. Every beach has its own character and atmosphere. Since then I went back almost 4 times to Portgual.

In comparison to the other places in Europe, it is very cheap in Portugal, beginning from the Hotel offers, over food and shopping. Aswell there are many attractions and sightseeing places around, that I will describe for you below. If you have rented a car, and want to head over the spanish border, I would recommend you to visit Sevilla and the coast of Cadiz nearby.






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” Don’t listen, what others think about your dreams of travelling and exploring the world, don’t wait for somebody to travel with you. It’s your own life, your own happiness and your time to choose what you want to see in Your Life.”

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zoomarine algarve*****

After our third day on the beach, we wanted to see what park attraction can be find in Albufeira. I came across Zoomarine, and when we arrived exited, we had to wait for almost 1 hour to get the tickets !!! Finally we entered and spent the whole day there. The park is one of the best I have soon in Europe! They do every hour different shows (pirate shows, animal shows etc.) they have pools, kids pools, waterslides, restaurants and sunbeds, which make the stay at Zoomarine perfect. At the end you can get a 8 day Ticket, for just 10€ extra. Defentely choose it, if you travel with kids!

playas in albufeira

Wherever you go in Albufeira, you will have sandy beaches, cristal clear water and cliffs around. In between the beaches, Albufeira has a coastline dimpled with caves, and the only way to approach many of these is by water. You’re able to rent our kayaks, canoes & stand-up paddleboards to very good prices, or reservate an excursion through the caves with an experienced tour guide. The expert guidance will explain before the safety instructions and take care about his clients. I found this a great way to explore places you usually don’t get access to, especially with kids.

dolphin watching*****

What is more impressive, than to see animals in freedom. I’m sure wherever you looked for holiday inspiration, you’ve heard about the impressive coastline of Albufeira and the cave boat and dolphin watching tours? It’s usually a tour for about 1,5-2 hours. Amazing views, trankility and relaxation! Finding wild animals out there makes the boat excursion memorable. For me one of the best choices of activities in a family trip. The boats are leaving from the Marina of Albufeira and return to there after the excursion.

praia de são rafael

Get your beach-box prepared with cold drinks, fruits and snacks! Although you think it could become boring, spending hours on the beach, I thought the same! And we came back every day. This beach is one of the most visited ones in Portugal. The high cliffs along the beach protect from strong north winds. You will find many caves and hidden places on this beach to find shady places, crabs and other sea animals. And off course the pastry ”Berliner”, an origin delicates from portugal, which they sell for 1€ on the beach…. Soooo delicious! A day at this beach can’t be better!

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Get a little inspiration of Albufeira in just two minutes, and see the most visited places this city is offering.

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