Hello there! And welcome to Bemismile.

Hey out there!

My name is Julia, great to see you have stepped into my little healthy Lifestyle World.

I started building up this blog about 10 months ago, to share with you my love for a healthy Lifestyle, Recipes and Travel.

On my page you will find nutritive information and recipes for any Type with a main focus on healthy ingredients.


My Life Philosophy:

SInce I moved 7 years ago to the south coast of Spain, where I am Living with my little boy, I started to focus more on a healthy nutrition and fresh ingredients on my daily basis. Local fruit and food stores with fresh and seasonal ingredients became a big part in my Kitchen. Trying out new recipes with more plant based nutrition helped me to boost my immune system during taff periods.


I inspire myself daily with the ingredients and species i’m surrounded by, and I have to say that the spanish market has everything what you need for a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. The prize & quality balance is not comparable with the market I was used to get food from in my homecountry germany. So here i started to get more motivated to eat all that yummy and delicious fruit, veggie and greeny food to nourish my body with the best I can.


But, as always I have to admit that a healthy Lifestyle is not just about restricting yourself to eat healthy and practicing sport every day. It’s far more about accepting and enjoying a healthy balance between good and non-healthy foods in moderation. Everybody has to decide for himself, but I wouldn’t be able to renounce sweets and chocolate.



A healthy lifestlye is not to life in a cage, it’s about finding the balance and joy in Life.

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